Monday, August 2, 2010

Uphold your legacy

Yesterday was a beautiful Sunday. Peaceful & quiet...By evening I was resting with the Sunday newspaper on my lap. The evening Sun was on my face. The TV was on. And I could hear some familiar music streaming out. I listened...Oh! Usha Uthoop...I like her... Ente Keralam Yethra Sundaram... Dressed in thick Kanchivaram Sarees with wide borders, thick sets of chokers, big studs on her ears, colourful bangles that dangles on her full forearm and to top it all... her big bindi. And all this matches her pop songs. Nothing seems out of place...Nothing is awkward...It would be strange if she came in some other dress.

She is proud of her culture. She upholds what she is...the Iyengar in her. And what are we doing? Trying to wipe out Chatteyum Mundum? Whether you are Catholic, a Marthomite, A Jacobite, or a Orthodox...we all have come through this attire and never gave it a second thought. And now its time. Think about it and let me know your views.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Chatta & Mundu

Chatta & Mundu will be wiped from the face of this earth....when our grandmothers pass will this traditional dress. Nobody in this present generation know how to wear Chattayum Mundum. Don't you think that is bad? As a christian women from Kerala...having seen our sweet grandmothers in this cute attire...would you allow this attire to go extinct?

Literatures have already started writing about chatta & mudum as..." The Christian woman wore a white mundu about seven yards in length and 1 ¼ yards in breadth with a fan like frill at the back. They used to cover the upper part of the body with full or half sleeved white blouses called ‘Chatta’. While going out, they threw over their shoulders and bosom another piece of cloth called ‘Kavani’. The women took great interest to beautify the Kavani with embroidery works." The christian women wore...they no more wear. That is a pity!

Ok...Chatta & Mundu is a cubersome attire, but so is Sari. Then why is Sari so sought after? Mundu resembles the down part of the Sari with the change being the pleats are at the back. Chatta resembles the Saree blouse with the change being that the sari blouse is short and clings tightly to the body, while the Chatta is just like any other top with a V neck. The best part is that Chatta does not expose your belly and you don't have to worry about peeping toms.

I understand it is not easy to change into chatta and mundu overnight... and you shouldn't. You should have a choice to wear whatever you what. But your wardrobe should contain a chatta and mundu. And you should know how to wear one. And you should encourage your daughters and others also to do the same. Wear the Chatta and Mundu to Church once in a while. At first, there will be uproar, teasing, laughter and what not. But second time, everyone will appreciate. And the third time, it will be very normal.

How do I know? I have gone through this.